Birds of a Feather...


Birds of a feather flock together – at least at The San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show they do, as there will be bird depictions in just about every art, medium and style. From the wise owl, sacred to the Greek goddess of learning Athena and a symbol of status, intelligence and wealth, to the statuesque eagle, representing freedom, victory and spiritual quest, there's something here for just about every budding ornithologist. Here's just a few examples:

From epoca:
A well-executed circa 1980 American bronze head of an eagle, signed Charles Beecham (1922- 2012), with listed works in the Smithsonian Art Museums. The turned head and regal gaze with forceful curved bill above a well delineated plumed body along with the warm patination to the surface make for an excellent and iconic piece.


From Lebreton Gallery:
A selection of pieces by renowned French artists François-Xavier Lalanne (1927–2008).
On the left: Oiseau d'Argent, a lighted brushed aluminum table with folding wings. circa 1990. Signed. Edited by Artcurial, Paris. 
In the middle: Pigeons, a pair of brushed aluminum candle holder birds, circa 1990. Signed, Edited by Artcurial - Paris.
On the right:
Grande Cocotte and Petite Cocotte, black stoneware cache-pots, circa 1990.


From American Garage:
A late 19th century exceptional one-of-a-kind folky full-bodied hand-formed tin cockerel rooster weathervane with a cookie cutter crown, exaggerated beak and flamboyant tail, all in original red, white and blue surface. 


From Antonio's Bella Casa:
A signed 1964 Modernist bronze sculpture of a crow by German-born American artist Bruno Groth (1905-1992). Exceptional patina and tremendously expressive. 



From Lawrence Jeffrey Estate Jewelry: 
On the left is a delightful owl brooch, a gorgeous example of French fin-de-siècle jewelry. Its nuanced design deftly balances naturalism and sleek stylistic interpretation. Finely fashioned, each of the huge eyes is a brilliant white 1.0 carat diamond.
On the right is a one-of-a-kind 1950's Cazzaniga brooch featuring a whimsical bird sitting on a flowering branch set with a 12.5 carat cabochon sapphire as its body and a 2.0 carat cabochon ruby as its head. Superb hand-work combining four different colors of gold in varied textures and finishes demonstrate the sophistication of Cazzaniga’s metal work. Four pear-shaped rubies accented by fine white diamonds make up the floral elements on the branch, and additional brilliant diamonds adorn the plumage.