Carlson & Stevenson Antiques


Phyllis Carlson and Timothy Stevenson of Carlson & Stevenson Antiques – based in Manchester, Vermont - specialize in early 19th century watercolors, folk art, and painted furniture.

Here are a few Fall Antiques Show previews from Carlson & Stevenson:


"Oh My, She's very Leveled Headed - Her Father was a Lawyer!" signed By Barbara Shermund. 
Original cartoon for the New Yorker Magazine published in the July 30, 2022 issue.
Framed and matted, measuring 29.5 inches high by 34 inches wide.

Go Right on Working - We Won't Mind! signed by Barbara Shermund. 
Original cartoon for the New Yorker Magazine published in the June 4, 2022 issue.
Framed and matted, measuring 27.5 inches high by 35 inches wide.

Barbara Shermund (1899-1978) was born in San Francisco, the daughter of a sculptor and an architect, who encouraged her art talent. She attended the California School of Fine Arts. At 20 she moved to New York City where she began working for The New Yorker within its first months of existence in 1925 – both writing and drawing cartoons.
She painted eight covers and drew hundreds of cartoons for The New Yorker. Shermund’s humor was essential for the times. She went on to become a contributing cartoonist at Esquire, Life, and Collier’s Weekly. She is included in New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly’s book Funny Ladies: The New Yorker’s Greatest Women Cartoonists and Their Cartoons.  She was voted in as one of the earliest female members of the National Cartoonist Society in 1950. Shermund’s worldly style features gay and snappy satires; and the foibles of various proud elements of society and the intelligentsia became hilarious targets of her artist wit. 

Of special note: The capital "R" on the first piece is Harold Ross's (The New Yorker's founder and first publisher) approval of the cartoon. In the first 5 years or so, nothing got in an issue of  The New Yorker without this approval. This is referenced in the book My Years with Ross by James Thurber, page 61.
In the early years of the magazine, artwork was returned to the artist after printing; not today!


Four 1960s modern paintings.
Part of a set of sixteen that will be brought to the Fall Antiques Show.

These were found in Gloucester, Mass. There is a signature on one, but it can't be authenticated. They measure 12 inches high by 14.5 inches wide, matted and framed.


Two watercolors by J.J. Wilson

These watercolors were painted in the 1890's  by J.J. Wilson, after George Catlin who first painted the American Indians in the 1830's. We will be showing seven of them. Above are the green corn dance and a sweat lodge. These have an interesting provenance: the pictures were stored for 30 years by a book dealer who received them from Rocky and Avis Gardner, noted antique dealers from the post World War II era. They are referred to in Elizabeth Stillinger's book on American Folk Art A Kind of Archaeology, a book about those who found and collected early American Folk Art.


A pair of late 19th century European (probably Swiss) metal painted and decorated beds. 

Both ends and the side panels are painted and decorated. Condition of both is very good.


Carlson & Stevenson Antiques will be at booth #57.