Celebratory Cocktails at Carlton Hobbs


On September 10, Carlton Hobbs and Ike Kligerman Barkley invited friends, colleagues and fellow antique aficionados to raise a glass in honor of the upcoming San Francisco Fall Antiques Show. This festive gathering took place at the spectacular Carlton Hobbs New York headquarters - formerly the Virginia Graham Fair Vanderbilt Mansion. Carlton Hobbs specializes in in 17th through 19th century British and continental furniture and works of art, many of which will be exhibited at their booth during the upcoming San Francisco Fall Antiques Show.
Guests were warmly welcomed with a few words by Stefanie Rinza, business partner of Carlton Hobbs, Suzanne Tucker, chair of the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, Ariane Trimuschat, director of the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, and Tom Kligerman and John Ike, partners at Ike Kligerman Barkley, who have designed the entry for this year's Fall Antiques Show.

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show would like to thank Carlton Hobbs and Ike Kligerman Barkley for hosting this wonderful and memorable evening.


Here are a few highlight images of the evening – all photographs by Cutty McGill:

John Ike, Carlton Hobbs, and Tom Kligerman


Stefanie Rinza, Tom Kligerman, Ariane Trimuschat, and Katherine Jacobus


Suzanne Tucker, Carlos Picon, and Stefanie Rinza


John Ike, Stacey Bewkes, Tom Kligerman, and Newell Turner


Keith Granet and Suzanne Tucker


Tom Kligerman and Michael Boodro


Janice Parker, Meg Touborg, and Linda London


Clinton Howell and John Smiroldo


Lithgow Osborne, Ariane Trimuschat, and Michael Pashby


Vladimir Turkeltaub and Valdimir Kanevsky


John Danzer, Helen Fioratti, and Tiffany Tang


Emily Clinton, Clinton Howell, Anne Harris, and Ralph Harvard


Jamie Johnson and Bryant Keller


Scott Wakeman, Lance Haeberle, John Ike, Keith Granet, and Nicholas Stern


Carlton Hobbs New York