Designer vignette by Ann Getty and de Gournay


The entrance of the 2016 San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show will feature four exquisite designer vignettes, each incorporating a few choice antiques as well as a custom-designed wall covering exclusively developed in collaboration with de Gournay.

Designer extraordinaire Ann Getty is creating an enchanting vignette inspired by India with a focus on elephants. She was especially excited when she heard that the theme for the Show this year was Animalia. This gave her the opportunity to include some of the many elephant objects and treasures that she has in her personal collection. Apparently her first granddaughter loved elephants growing up so Ann made a point of seeking out pieces that reflected her fondness. There are now more than 22 elephants in the collection! Ann has joked that she was lucky that the favorite animal was not a giraffe, as that would have proved a bit more challenging. So together with her lead designer, Maria Quiros, Ann has created a slightly more modern setting. They took a classic Jali screen pattern, applied it to silk and abraded it back to create a custom de Gournay wall covering with a less traditional look - a dramatic backdrop for her personal pachyderms.



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