Edward Lobrano


The Summer vignette at the entry of the show will be created by New York designer, Edward Lobrano. His design will showcase Abottsford, a stunningly beautiful hand painted de Gournay wallcovering in the chinoiserie tradition, the perfect backdrop for an unusual Victorian mirror from Carlton Hobbs. The fantastic scale, whimsical avian element and romantic floral motif all speak to a delightful summer mood.

Edward Lobrano was raised in Jacksonville, Florida. In his early 40’s, his love of design and furniture led him away from a successful career in real estate syndication, and into the world of interior design.

He began his design career in Washington, D.C. with Anthony Childs Inc. where he was exposed to great style and an understanding of French furniture. His move to Bunny Williams Inc., as her head designer, brought him into the world of casual, eclectic good taste and with it a love of English furniture; it also helped him to understand the placement of furniture and the importance of detail and quality, something that was already an essential element to him. Ed’s position at Bunny’s led him to work for David Anthony Easton Inc. which eventually created an opportunity in San Francisco to run a group for Paul Wiseman of the Wiseman Group. Ed started his own firm in San Francisco in 1998.

Through his work, he was able to build an enormous source of artisans, contacts and resources throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, and had the opportunity to work on exciting and challenging projects both here and abroad. In addition, his work and associations have enabled him to see some of the most beautiful rooms and houses and to experience the world of great decorating.