Joel Cooner presents The Inspiration


Painting in the style of the Old Renaissance Masters, Nova Scotia-based artist Lindee Climo's inspiration springs from the farm animals that she has always surrounded herself with and raised. The subjects are surrogates of well known religious or historic scenes in which animals take the place of the existing figures and the result becomes an often irresistible, sometimes humorous event.

The Joel Cooner Gallery is proud to bring to this year's show her work The Inspiration (After Nicolas Poussin, Inspiration of the Poet, 1630).
Year: 1995
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 41 x 36 inches
In Joel's words: 
This is a terrific painting, heraldic and romantic, well exhibited in two museum shows and published in an exhibition catalogue by Salomon Grimberg (Current expert of Frida Kahlo and Leonora Carrington).



As the artist herself explains: “To my mind, there is not a lot of difference between growing a living thing and painting it, in terms of overall conscious plan, time, and the time after. Both undertakings always override the plan because creativity, nature, and accident exist, and they both demand time without limits if the project is from the heart. After a living thing is grown and after a living thing is painted, there is always the need to do it again just a little differently, or a lot differently, but always to do it again. For me, seeing growth makes life meaningful.”