The Los Angeles Fine Art Gallery highlights early 20th century Belgian Art


Established in Los Angeles in 1979, the Los Angeles Fine Art Gallery has grown into one of the West Coast's premier art galleries. Its curators are specialists in Lowlands paintings with a specific interest in Belgian Art 1880-1930. Here are a few choice examples:

Jean Van Den Eeckhoudt (1875-1946) was a Belgian Realist, Post-Impressionist and Fauvist painter of portraits, figures, landscapes and still lifes. Van Den Eeckhoudt traveled numerous times to the South of France in 1905 and met with the French Fauvist painter Henri Matisse. This meeting meant the beginning of an evolution to Impressionism and later onto Fauvism with vibrant colors. 

Arbre devant la mer à Rocquebrune
Oil on canvas, signed. 24” x 29.5”, 35” x 40” framed.



Frans Gailliard (1861-1932) can be placed among the masters of Luminism alongside Emile Claus and Théo Van Rysselberghe. Early on in his career, Gailliard’s works were exhibited internationally, including in Paris, Venice, London and Barcelona. It was thanks to these experiences that he developed an intense friendship with Renoir. Fascinated by Renoir’s work, Gailliard departed from the Brussels academic style and adopted Impressionism.

Sur le lac
Gouache, signed. 42” x 45”, 48” x 51” framed.



Frans van Holder (1881-1919) was born  in Brussels, Belgium. A Post-impressionist painter, he is known for portraits, genre and landscapes. He studied with his father, A. Cluysenaar, and at the Academy de Saint-Gilles. Van Holder traveled to Italy (1905), Spain (1906) and Switzerland. His work is in the musea of Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges, and others.

A quiet corner of the garden
Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1918. 20” x 27.5”, 27” x 35” framed.



Maurice Wagemans (1877-1927) was a realist painter and draughtsman of landscapes, seascapes, still lifes and beach scenes. He received his artistic education at the Academy of Brussels from 1890 until 1895 under the tutorship of Jean Portaels and Jean Stallaert. He completed his studies in Paris together with Alfred Bastien and Frans Smeers, where he was influenced by the works of Henri Fantin-Latour and Edouard Manet. Wagemans debuted at the Salon of "Le Sillon" in 1900 and received his great breakthrough in 1902 at the "Salon of Ghent" for his work "La Dame en gris". He participated in the famous exhibition of Galerie Georges Giroux in Brussels in 1912. His painting evolved under the influence of Marcel Jefferys and Rik Wouters toward a more luminist Impressionism. 

Still-life with poppies
Oil on canvas, signed. 28” x 24”, 39” x 35” framed.