Q & A with Geoffrey De Sousa

As one of San Francisco's most sought after interior designers, Geoffrey De Sousa knows a thing or two about finding just the right piece to bring a room's past and present to life. Over the past twenty years designing for prominent names across the Bay Area, his projects have celebrated the cohabbitating of the antique and modern to create interiors that speak to the history of the client or space. 

In his second year as Chair of the Fall Art & Antiques Show's Designers Circle, an exclusive group of some of the most prominent interior designers and architects in the field who are dedicated supporters of the Show, Geoffrey sat down with us to reflect on his feelings about the Show and its FLOWER POWER! theme as a designer, a collector, and a child of the Summer of Love

As Designers Circle Chair, what do you love most about The San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show?

What’s not to love? The convergence of art, antiques, talented design professionals, and amazing lectures, as a charity benefiting the education of today’s youth and tomorrow’s potential collectors!

The 2017 Show theme is FLOWER POWER: Floral Imagery in Art, Antiques & Design. What does the theme mean to you?

I’m a child of the 1960’s and 70’s, so to me, San Francisco and Flower Power are synonymous with freedom of expression. From the beginning of time artisans and craftspeople have used floral motifs to imbue symbolism and meaning, and show their love and appreciation for mother nature and how it still inspires us today.

This is your second year as the Designer Circle Chair. What do you think brings designers back to the Fall Art & Antiques Show each year?

There are many reasons this show continues to be such a draw to collectors and design professionals. Within the last 15-20 years, the internet has truly changed how we shop for art and antiques. Brick and mortar shops have disappeared. We now have unlimited access to items worldwide! To be able to come to a show and actually see, touch, and feel the best of the best is such a pleasure! There’s nothing like it.

A new patron level, the Artisans Circle, was added to the Show this year. Where did you get the idea and what do you hope it will bring to the Show?

During the last 2 years I have been constantly asked by others in our community, “How can I be involved with the Fall Art & Antiques Show?” For many years our only option was the Designers Circle. As an interior designer my day is filled with creating and restoring beautiful spaces, none of which could ever be accomplished without the masters of craft that we collaborate with every day. The Artisans Circle hopes to include the best of the best and be a perfect combination of artist and artisans coming together to promote our field while supporting such a worthy cause.

As a designer, what do you look for when you walk the Show? What advice do you give your clients when they attend?

Well, my first stop is the designer vignettes at the entrance of the show! Bravo to Suzanne Tucker for bringing these back! I usually walk the show a minimum of 3 times…once for items to be included in interior design projects we are currently working on, next with clients to see what treasures we’ve found. And then, for me! I always find wonderful new additions for my own home.

What and how do you collect?

I’m an avid photography collector; in addition, I’ve recently started collecting 20th-century modern silver. I’m also always on the lookout for that perfect mid-century piece for my home in Palm Springs.

How do you incorporate art and antiques into your designs?

I tend to use antiques to provide a sense of history to a space, something that speaks to the inhabitants family and their heritage. I’m always mixing antiques with modern pieces, and in contemporary spaces with contemporary art.


To view a list of the 2017 Designers Circle members, please visit our Designers Circle and Artisans Circle members here. Stay tuned for upcoming Q&A's with other prominent voices from the art, antiques, and design world leading up to the big Show!