The Philadelphia Print Shop West


The Philadelphia Print Shop West, located in Denver, Colorado, is one of the country's leading purveyors of antique maps and prints. The shop exhibits a full range of natural history, Americana, historical, sporting, and topographical prints, as well as maps of all parts of the world. They have a particularly strong inventory of prints and maps with a Western subject, such as prints of Native Americans and views and maps of the American West. Rare and reference books are also available.

The shop is owned and operated by Christopher W. Lane: 
“I have been exhibiting at antique shows for 33 years, from Maine to Florida, and Houston to San Francisco, and the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show certainly rates as one of my all-time favorites. The setting is, of course, unique and spectacular, but the show itself is one of the most exciting and varied shows anywhere in the country. The exhibitors range from the historical - the niche we fill - to the decorative, from antiques - like our prints and maps - to more modern items of amazing quality. A visit to the SFFAS is like going to one of the great collections in the country, but with the added benefit that you can take the items on display home with you!”


Here are a few previews from The Philadelphia Print Shop West:

Johann Baptist Homann. \"Geographische Universal-Zeig und Schlag-Uhr.\" 
Nuremberg: J.B. Homann, ca. 1730. 19 x 22 1/2.
Engraving. Original color. Very good condition.

“This is a terrific image of a lock built by Zacharias Landteck which combined time-telling with a map of the world indicating how the sun revolves and affects times and light around the globe. The map shows the northern hemisphere as best known at the time, with both the correct details and cartographic mistakes, such as California as an island!”


Albert Bierstadt. \"The Rocky Mountains, Lander\'s Peak.\" New York:
Edward Bierstadt, 1866. Steel engraving by James  Smillie. 
16 1/2 x28. Excellent condition.

“Albert Bierstadt was one of the great 19th century painters of the American West and this is his iconic image of the Rocky Mountains. The painting traveled around the country and Bierstadt had an engraving made of the painting to help publicize his work and to make money through its sales. One of the classic 19th century images of the West.”


John B. Bachelder. \"Gettysburg Battle-Field.\" 
New York: Endicott & Co., 1863. 21 x 36. 
Lithograph. Original hand coloring. Some light staining in margins and spot in sky. Otherwise, very good condition.

“One of the great images of the Civil War, this bird's eye view shows not only the topography of Gettysburg, but also the position of the various troops throughout the battle. Bachelder spent many months studying the landscape and talking to participants, making an amazingly accurate image of the battle, as attested to by the endorsements by various officers in the margin.”


The Philadelphia Print Shop West will be at booth #48