Patrick and Ondine Mestdagh


Belgian dealers Patrick and Ondine Mestdagh specialize in fine antique weapons, jewelry and ethnographic objects from all five continents. Passionate about form and design, they only select items they fall in love with. Their travels have led them to discover a variety of non-European objects, from Oceania, Africa, Indonesia and North America. Their exploration of such different cultures have encouraged them to appreciate the combination of beauty and utility.

As first-time exhibitor at the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, Patrick Mestdagh explains:
“My wife Ondine and I were looking for a show to exhibit in the USA. As exhibitor to the San Francisco Tribal Show for more than 10 years, it seemed natural for us to come back to San Francisco. West Coast taste seems to be working well for us. We are always in search of perfect aesthetics in every object we select. It is very important to us. This selection is always warmly welcomed by the West Coast collectors. Therefore, our choice for a new show in the USA was obvious! We are extremely happy to be part of the upcoming San Francisco Fall Antiques Show. Above all, I we love the city a lot! There is something between San Francisco and us, I am sure.”


Japanese Gilt Wood Lotus Blossoms
Late Edo Period, 19th century

A group of japanese gilt wood lotus blossoms, originally placed on an altar. The lotus is a symbol of Buddha, because just as the lotus emerges from the mud to bloom in perfection, Buddha was born of this earth but attained enlightenment.


Jizai-kagi, Kettle Hook Hanger
Japan, Edo period, 19th century

A very important kettle hook hanger called Jizai-kagi in the ebisu shape, of massive size, in keyaki or zeklova wood.


Carved Wood Toad
Japan, circa 1950

An important and very large wood carved toad by Hakasui Kawaguchi 5th of Samegai. The root of the Cryptomeria tree, like cedar, has this warty look to the wood. Samegai is in the Shiga province of Japan, and has a long tradition of wood carvers.


Roots Wood Vase
Japan, Edo period, 19th century

A very elegant roots wood vase used as a support for ikebana, the Japanese flower arrangement tradition which can be seen as a philosophy.


Patrick and Ondine Mestdagh will be at booth #23.