Michael Pashby Antiques


Michael Pashby Antiques deals in fine quality English Antiques and Decorative Arts, items that combine rarity, beautiful design, excellent craftsmanship and ingenuity.
Michael Pashby specializes in works from the mid 17th century to the late 19th century and always stocks good pieces of Georgian and Regency period antique furniture, in particular documented and signed examples from the famous maker Gillows of Lancaster. His offering also includes excellent pieces of Campaign and Metamorphic furniture, Chinese (Anglo-Chinese) and Indian (Anglo-Indian) Export items as well as early English Oak and Walnut furniture.

Michael Pashby shares the following:
“The San Francisco fair is the only quality West coast fair dedicated to fine antiques and art. It is an extraordinary opportunity to interact with clients on the West coast who we do not often get to see otherwise.”

Highlights from the Michael Pashby Antiques offering include:


A Good George III Chippendale Period Gilt Carton Pierre Gilt Girandole of Large Proportions

Girandoles tend to be smaller in size than this example, so this piece must have been made for a setting of impressive proportions. The fact that it has survived with its original gilding is truly remarkable.


A Fine Regency Writing Table Attributed to John McLean

Documented furniture is rare but this remarkable and elegant piece was chosen by the leading furniture dealer of his time, M. Harris & Sons, for an exhibition celebrating the centenary of the dealership in 1968 and is prominently illustrated in their catalogue which we are happy to supply to the purchaser of this piece.


An Exceptional George III Gothic Inspired Mahogany Dumb Waiter Attributed to Mayhew and Ince

Simply the finest example of this model we have ever seen. Crafted by the leading makers of the period, Mayhew & Ince, it incorporates all the elements of the Gothic Revival designs of the late 18th Century. But what really makes this piece better is that it was designed for Clytha Castle, a tribute to the owner's dearly departed young wife and therefore has a special resonance.


Very Fine Tiffany Pomegranate Lamp With Dichroic Glass

This iconic lamp combines both traditional values representative of an authentic Tiffany lamp and an extraordinarily modernistic feel reminiscent of Giacometti's signature bronzes, and would be a statement piece in any setting, traditional or contemporary.


Michael Pashby Antiques will be at booth #42.