J.R. Richards Asian Art


Joey Richards is one of the pre-eminent Asian art dealers on the west coast, specializing in ancient Chinese ceramics, in addition to contemporary ceramics from Japan.

Joey offers the following San Francisco Fall Antiques Show previews:

Five Porcelain Vessels by Masaru Nakada (from 8” to 17”)

After throwing an essential form on the wheel, Nakada (Japan, born 1977) will carve out his sleek forms using a blade used for faceting porcelain. After carving, he applies a mixture of glaze and pigments onto the surfaces of his work, and then takes time to etch thin lines upon the surfaces of his works with a metal pin, essentially dulling the blade after 15 lines. After this process, Nakada embeds into each line a color – for example pastel reds, blues, yellows and black that are matte and subdued in a form of ‘zogan’ inlaying. Incredibly, the work is not bisque-fired, and is ultimately fired in a single main firing at a temperature of approximately 1230 to 1240 degrees Celsius for 11 hours. Nakada’s works are thematic, vivid, and ultimately, contemporary porcelain energized with the pop sensibilities of Japanese youth culture.


Porcelain Moon Jar by  Kim Yik-Yung (22” tall)

“White porcelain represents Koreans. In the old days, Korean used to wear all white.”
One of Korea’s most respected ceramic artists, Kim Yik-Yung (Korea, born 1935) has been a pioneer in the ceramic arts. With over five decades of work, she has striven endlessly to bring Korea’s ceramic heritage into the modern world. Her work, inspired by the pure white baekja (“white porcelain”) of the Joseon Dynasty (1397-1592), has been lauded worldwide for its harmonization of tradition and modern sensibilities.


J.R. Richards Asian Art will be at booth # 46.