The Cicero Collection


Built over two generations, and continuing to grow to this day, The Cicero Collection is a carefully curated selection of furniture, objects, and works of art that seeks beauty in all its forms. Spanning millennia, continents, and cultures, the pieces in the collection seek to connect the human experience through a shared aesthetic. 

Here's a preview of some of those pieces, as shared by Jonathan Tung from The Cicero Collection:


A Gold Floriform Hairpin, Song Dynasty (960 - 1279), China


“This is an extremely rare and masterfully crafted Song Dynasty seven prong double hairpin. Worked entirely in gold, each of the seven prongs is composed of a pair of joined tubular stems carved with a floral and foliate design, surmounted by hexagonal bezel, and capped with a floral spray. A narrow band engraved with an archaic geometric pattern runs the width of the pin.
To me, what makes this piece remarkable is that, although the name of the lady who originally owned this hairpin is lost to history, her ideals of beauty, grace, and refinement all live on through this one cherished item.”


A Pair of Gold and Ruby Inset Armbands, Minangkabau People
Region of Batu Sangkar, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Late 19th century


“ Known as gelang gadang, these armbands would originally have been part of the wedding regalia for a bride from a wealthy and prominent family, then passed down from mother to daughter, as property in Minagkabau culture is passed down matrilineally.”


The Cicero Collection will be at booth #32.