Vandeuren Galleries


A passionate collector of French, continental and Beidermeier antiques, Bernard Vandeuren established his antiques store in the heart of Los Angeles in 2002 as a complement to his flourishing fine art frame atelier. His ever-changing collection of exceptional, pedigreed fine French and European and rare antiques from the Louis XV, Regency and Beidermeier periods is carefully curated and hand selected during his trips to Europe:

"We were so impressed with the opening night event and our sales results after last year's show that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to exhibit this year. We organized to have a new shipment of antiques arriving from Europe which will be shown to the public for the very first time at the show."


French Mazarin desk
Multiple inlays of Sycamore, walnut and various precious woods
18th century
W 41.5 inches D 23 inches H 33 inches

“This is a extraordinary desk from France, rare and beautiful, with superb craftsmanship, especially with the sublime inlays with woods like Sycamore.” 


Austrian Armoire/Commode
Multiple walnut inlays
Circa 1760
H 81 inches W 66 inches D 26.5 inches

“A simply magnificent, magistral cabinet from ca. 1760 which features superb wood inlays on the front and side panels, as well as an interior that has never been altered and has kept the extraordinary original hardware.” 


Austrian Dresser/Commode 
Multiple inlays on drawers and top of the chest
Circa 1800
W 49.5 inches H 36 inches D 26.25 inches

“Another masterpiece from the pre-Biedermeier era with a classic charm because of its understated elegance.” 


Portuguese chest
Solid rosewood
19th century

“This superb chest – which comes in two pieces and has doors that open on the side - is quite a remarkable eye catching piece of furniture that would complement both a classic or modern interior.”


Vandeuren Galleries will be at booth #17.