William Siegal Gallery


For over 40 years, William Siegal has assembled the world’s largest collection of Andean Textiles dating from 750 BC to the 19th Century. Ceremonial objects & artifacts from Meso & South American cultures, Ancient Chinese, Southeast Asia, African and Indonesian museum-quality pieces are also represented. The William Siegal Gallery is located in Santa Fe’s dynamic Railyard District, now a major arts destination throughout the world and the central location of Santa Fe’s contemporary art scene. It is a high-concept space that exhibits a distinguished collection of ancient art and artifacts alongside contemporary works of art, a rare opportunity to appreciate art that spans 5,000 years and many different cultures, while inspiring a new collecting sensibility; the remarkable dialogue between the pieces is always surprising and profound.


Here are two San Francisco Fall Antiques Show previews from the William Siegal Gallery:

Feathered Panel
Nasca Culture - Peru
200 - 600 AD
Blue Macaw Feathers on Cotton Ground
90 x 37 inches

Excavated from the well known temple site at Corral Redondo in 1948, this Huari Feathered Panel is one of the most recognizable of all Pre-Columbian feather textiles. With sister examples hanging in museum collections around the world, and numerous appearances in publications on the Huari (or Wari ) Culture, it is an iconic example of Andean workmanship and aesthetics.


Mosaic Mask
Aztec Culture - Meso America
1350 - 1521 AD
Gold, Coral, Turquoise on wood
6 x 5.75 x 2.75 inches

Unlike the ferocious expressions typically portrayed in mosaic masks of the Aztec and Mixtec, this exceedingly rare example - originally collected by Alfred Stendahl in the 1950's - has a very meditative expression with downward gazing eyes and a closed mouth.


William Siegal Gallery will be at booth #55.