Show Dates
October 27 - October 30
Honorary Chair
Chef Tyler Florence
Premier Sponsor

From the Courts of Europe to the
China Cabinets of California:

400 Years of Chinoiserie and Japonsime in European Ceramics

Thursday, October 28
11:00 a.m.

Christina Prescott Walker

Senior Vice President, Department Director, Chinese Works of Art and Head of
European Ceramics and Chinese Export Porcelain, Sotheby’s, New York

Chinese and Japanese decorative arts, which came to Europe starting in the 17th century via the East India trading companies, had a profound effect on European decorative arts, and in particular on ceramics as manufacturers sought to emulate and imitate porcelain. Walker will trace the assimilation and interpretation of Chinese motifs, exemplified by the humble and ubiquitous Staffordshire blue-and-white pottery Willow Pattern along with interesting recent examples of Chinoiserie.

In collaboration with The San Francisco Ceramic Circle.

Meissen Figure of a Chinaman Seated in an Arbor, circa 1730. Courtesy of Sotheby’s.