Show Dates
October 27 - October 30
Honorary Chair
Chef Tyler Florence
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China and World Fashion Today

Thursday, October 28
2:30 p.m.

John S. Major

Former Professor at Dartmouth College, Scholar, and Author, New York

Chinese fabrics and styles have inspired Western fashion designers throughout the 20th century, for example Paul Poiret and Yves Saint Laurent. After illustrating such creations, Major, co-author of China Chic: East Meets West (Yale University Press, 1999), will consider the impact China’s influence today: how contemporary Chinese-American designers such as Derek Lam, Anna Sui, Vera Wang, and Jason Wu have enlivened the fashion scene; China as the leading manufacturer of clothing, and the future of Chinese fashion.

In collaboration with the Asian Art Museum, with an Introduction by Dany Chan, Assistant Curator of Chinese Art and Co-Curator of the exhibition "Shanghai: Art of the City."
Book-signing to follow.

China Chic: East Meets West (Yale University Press, 1999)