Of Sphinxes and Sofas:

Reviving and Reimagining Antiquity

Friday, October 30
11:15 a.m.

Emily Evans Eerdmans
Design Historian and Author, New York

The 19th-century English Regency style looked to Egyptian and Greco-Roman antecedents. Showing examples from her book Regency Redux: High Style Interiors: Napoleonic, Classical Moderne, and Hollywood Regency (Rizzoli, 2008), Eerdmans will trace this taste from Thomas Hope’s iconic "Egyptian Room" to Oliver Messel’s lavish sets for the 1945 film "Caesar and Cleopatra."

Presented in collaboration with The Royal Oak Foundation and Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation.

Hall at Buscot Park, Oxfordshire, with Furniture by Thomas Hope, circa 1802.
(Courtesy of the Trustees of the Faringdon Collection.)